I have been working with Matt for just over 3 months after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and ME, through Matts help, vast knowledge and the range of quality supplements he prescribed I finally started to feel better, sleeping less during the day and more energy to go out for walks, since the supplements have been given time to work the inflammation in my joints has definitely decreased, I have more energy and the depression has lifted, I am doing daily workouts in the gym on the cross trainer and a weight programme, swimming and lots of hilly coastal path to walking.
Matt was convinced that he could help more with the flare ups I was experiencing and recommended the ALCAT test which identifies potential foods that could be still causing my system discomfort, since receiving the report I have eliminated certain foods and I feel so much better again.
The future looked grim before I met Matt, there is no specific treatment for fibromyalgia, CFS and ME but he assured me that I was young enough, 47, to get through this and lead more or less a normal life, I am well on the way to recovery and am so glad I met him.


I am a personal trainer and also train hard for rowing and CrossFit.  I have always struggled with my energy levels since I had glandular fever when I was younger and so I have to balance my life very carefully or I’m prone to burnout – which is super frustrating if you need to be high energy every single day!  For the last couple of years my sleep was severely affected by our elderly dog who would howl during the night – it was honestly worse than having a baby again!  It gradually got worse and worse and ended up with either my husband or me sleeping on a camp bed next to him in our lounge!!  To cut a long story short, sadly we lost our Jazz in January of this year.  I had already spoken to Matt on several occasions to see if he could help with my plummeting energy levels.  I was literally exhausted mentally and physically from a mixture of sleep deprivation (I need 8hrs at least and was routinely only getting 3-4), and trying to carry on with taking care of my family,a  busy work load, and training when I could, although I had to pretty much stop towards the end.  Even when I was getting more sleep, I wasn’t feeling too great.  Matt suggested I had some blood tests done which showed I had a few imbalances – I usually eat pretty well but because I had been so tired for so long I had started to get lazy, and forward planning was non existent.  So I had to rebuild myself – first step was to get back to eating the way I knew I should and implementing all the great suggestions Matt gave me.  At the same time I started taking Adapt Sport, Omega 3s from Amino-man, and Amino R5s.  Literally, on a weekly basis I started to feel better and better and was able to start training again.  Now I feel more energetic than I have done in years, I have better clarity of thought and just feel more positive about things even when I’m really up against it.  I’m able to train hard again now, and hitting PBs which is awesome.  At 44 I really thought my best years were behind me which is soooo not true based on recent performances.  I competed this year in my first CrossFit Open, and I’m back in my boat racing, something I couldn’t have contemplated last year.  The R5s help me to recover and I love the fact that they are super high quality and that there are no nasties in there.Thank you so much Matt!

Rachel Armstrong


I’ve trained hard my whole life and tried just about every supplement you can think of. Amino man is amongst the most effective support I have tried. It helps me recover and focus when I need to most. I use other products to help with inflammation such as the optimized curcumin and fish oils.

Anyone who trains hard or plays rugby will know the value you can get from supporting a quality diet with some of the highest quality and well designed supplements on the market today.

James Haskell



As a high performing amateur triathlete, recovery is absolutely crucial. Training for three sports is highly demanding on the body, and as a vegetarian I am also at risk of being deficient in certain nutrients and amino acids.

Aminoman products are helping to fill in the gaps – addressing any potential deficiencies but importantly, enabling me to recover faster between sessions. Since taking the products I have noticed a remarkable difference in my recovery, energy levels and ability to hit harder sessions. I would thoroughly recommend to any keen exerciser, athlete or elite sports person…..


With so many supplements on the market how on earth do you make the right choice? Matt Lovell has huge experience in this area so informed advice is crucial. Plus, having tried the Aminoman range, I just find it works for me.

Martin Bayfield is a former English Rugby Player, TV Presenter and Body Double (standing in for Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies)

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