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Aminoman Special Power Loader


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The power provides powerful proven aminos and compounds which have been shown to increase strength, endurance and power.

Special Loader features specialized nutrients designed to improve muscle function, blood glucose balance and capacity, and help with the uptake of performance nutrients into the cells.

Special Loader can be taken as a powerful, standalone muscle optimizing boost before or during exercise, or as a perfect addition to enhance your existing protein supplement regimen.

Special Loader contains no added sugars, 98% free form amino acids, b-vitamins, exercise enhancing and muscle hypertrophy enhancing nutrients in clinical level doses to support muscle protein synthesis, prevent catabolism, and increase work load capacity!

Special Loader is specially formulated for athletes seeking to achieve maximum performance. Providing Inositol paired up with mono- and poly-phosphates, Special Loader supports the proper function of signaling and secondary messenger molecules that are involved in key biological processes, including insulin signal transduction, cytoskeleton assembly, nerve guidance, Intracellular calcium concentration control, cell membrane potential maintenance, breakdown of fats, and gene expression.


3 grams of BCAAs and 5g of leucine.
2.5 grams of creapure creatine per serving
2.5 grams of creatine pre cursor aminos arginine, glycine and methionine
500mg lysine to balance immune function
500mg of insulin mimicking loading ingredients
2 grams of beta-Alanine per serving
More than 1500mg of HMB providing calcium salts
1.6 grams citrulline malate
1 gram of carnitine

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