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It takes 2.5kg of grape skin and half a kilo of apple skin to make 1 vinitroxplus tablet. I made these triple strength. In terms of what they do, essentially they increase blood flow and provide a rich source of bioflavonoids.

One possible effect is an increase in free testosterone levels, combined with the blood flow effect, I like describing these as ‘natural viagra’ it’s an apt phrase.

These have been proven to increase exercise performance. People feel more energetic when they take them

They may also help T levels.

  • Supports blood flow
  • Increases exercise performance
  • Excellent source of flavonoids
  • May help testosterone levels

ViNitroPlus has been specifically formulated and proven to enhance athletic performance naturally. ViNitrox™ has shown in clinical studies to increase nitric oxide production and reduce oxidative stress. Nitric Oxide is known to be a major protective factor in the cardiovascular system.

ViNitroPlus delivers 750mg of ViNitrox™ in a unique and proprietary synergistic combination of apple and grape polyphenols, delivering a triple-strength dose per tablet. ViNitroPlus offers a number of exceptional sports nutrition properties, including enhanced and lasting performance, and has been proven to increase performance in trained athletes.


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