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Adapt Sport 60 caps


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Over two decades of research have led to a breakthrough for a new patented product that optimizes performance and provides faster recovery.
Adapt Sport® was developed in collaboration with renowned researchers in biomedicine at various universities and institutions. The development started in the 1990’s within space medicine and continued among elite athletes.

Adapt Sport is a new type of a sport food supplement aimed at those who want to improve their performance and achieve faster recovery after exercise. Adapt Sports is developed for athletes and exercisers. Adapt Sports counteracts fatigue after hard and intense exercise. Adapt Sport has a fast-acting effect. You will notice a difference already after approximately 1 hour. Adapt Sport is for those who want maximum performance and faster recovery, and those under mental and physical stress.

The recommended dose is 20 ml or 2 capsules before mental and physical effort. When needed, the dose may be doubled.


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