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Platinum Bundle

£1,440.00 £1,395.40

Our biggest bundle yet! This bundle includes the following;

Fat Loss course = £297.00
Sports Nutrition course = £497.00

1 x All in one spice mix
2 x Super Greens
1 x 100% Matcha leaf
2 x FOCUS Formula
2 x ViNitroPlus
1 x Vitamin D3 & K2 blend
2 x Omega 1250
2 x R5 Blueberry
1 x 30 day trial Ketones.

1 Hour private consultation at 20% off with Matt Lovell are available for those who purchase this bundle, but hurry there’s only 10 available.

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This bundle includes the following;

Fat Loss course + monthly support package including nutritional consultation = £297.00

It’s a 4 week interactive fat loss course designed by Matt Lovell to transform your body.

You will get access to a course area that shows you how to eat, what to eat, and how much in order to lose fat in the easiest way possible. It also contains physical activity recommendations and strategies.

Not only that but you’ll also get access to a private Facebook Group where you can be personally advised and get support from Matt Lovell and Gavin Allinson.

Sports Nutrition course = £497.00

The course is..

  • Self paced online move through modules in your own time.
  • Regular modular assessments to test understanding
  • Range of information from the basics to scientific
  • Busy Forum interact with other enthusiastic participants
  • Weekly e-mails to help keep you on track
  • Over 30 hours of Seminar footage
  • Supplement protocols for different sports and situations
  • Live Q and A calls

More info about the course, here.


Each mix has been chosen to enhance the flavour and depth of your cooking. The immune mix is one I’ve used for a while which I’ve found helps with feeling better if you have a cold, sore throat or flu like symptoms. Boil this up with some lemon and add Manuka honey to taste.

The spices come in pack’s of three.

3 x 100g of pure organic spices. No added salt.


Organic pure greens powder. Taking from the most nutrient dense parts of the plant and freeze dried to help preserve active components. A simple way to keep on top of your vegetable intake. Makes a perfect addition to smoothies or protein shakes.

  • Organic
  • High potency
  • Perfect way to top up your vegetable intake
  • 2 servings of vegetables per tsp

More information about Super Greens, here.


Matcha Green tea is a high quality organically sourced green tea. The process ensures a higher antioxidant content from the tea.

Up to (insert stat and reference) 128 time stronger than standard green tea. A little bit goes a long way. One pot should give you 80-100 cups of tea.

  • Tastes nice
  • Helps burn fat
  • Limits appetite
  • High in antioxidants

More information about Matcha Green Tea, here.


The focus formula is a blend of nootropic aminos, b-vitamins, adaptogens, pinebark extract, huperzine A and vinpocetine. Along with this a big dose of nitrates from natural beetroot and vegetable extracts oxystorm TM.

I’ve not found anything which parallels the strength and depth of this formula. You can feel the effects within a few minutes of consuming the powder.

  • Unparelled formula
  • Instant focus
  • Increase neural drive for workouts
  • Aids fatigue based symptoms
  • Improved memory
  • Aids fat burning and blood flow

More information about Focus Formula, here.


It takes 2.5kg of grape skin and half a kilo of apple skin to make 1 vinitroxplus tablet. I made these triple strength. In terms of what they do, essentially they increase blood flow and provide a rich source of bioflavonoids. One possible effect is an increase in free testosterone levels, combined with the blood flow effect, I like describing these as ‘natural viagra’ it’s an apt phrase. These have been proven to increase exercise performance. People feel more energetic when they take them also. They may also help T levels.

  • Supports blood flow
  • Increases exercise performance
  • Excellent source of flavonoids
  • May help testosterone levels

More information about ViNitroPlus, here.


Towards the end of September I normally test my own vitamin D levels and those of my clients and athletes. Then normally to maintain a good level of vitamin D we use monthly supplementation. In an ideal world I’d drip feed the vitamin D through in smaller daily amounts. So I decided to create a vitamin D complex formula which includes many of the cofactors necessary to allow the vitamin D to work properly in the body.

For example many people take vitamin D without vitamin K2 or even magnesium. Magnesium and K2 regulate where calcium gets into the tissues. We want that all going into bones and not calcifying in other tissues. Calcification of arteries for example is how heart disease progresses.

Our vitamin D contains a massive 2000ius of vitamin D per capsule, along with magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese and vitamin K2. We’d recommend you take 1 capsule per day if you don’t know your vitamin D levels and 2 per day if you’ve had these tested and they are low.

Each pot will last 4 months at 1 capsule per day and 2 months at 2 capsules per day. I normally cease vitamin D supplements in the summer stopping somewhere around March / April time.

More information about the Vitamin D3 K2 Blend, here.

2 X OMEGA 1250

High strength, ultra-pure, 3rd party tested for any contaminants.

  • Helps recovery and fat burning
  • Learning and memory
  • Joint health
  • Ultra pure certified and 3rd party tested
  • Concentrated dose per cap offers 750mg EPA and 250mg DHA
  • Helps moderate inflammation and multiple other health benefits

More information about Omega 1250, here.


Building on the original formula and offering a different taste perspective the R5 plus offers a big 600mg hit of ashwaganda per serving, along with 500mg of pure blueberry extract.

  • Best seller
  • Increased recovery, sleep and regeneration
  • Tastes delicious
  • May help with cravings and well-being
  • Additional ashwaganda and blueberry extract further aiding hormonal drive and antioxidant protection

More information about R5’s, here.



  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Preservation
  • Fast and Sustained Energy
  • Reduces Brain Fog
  • Increased Focus
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Strength Gain
  • Better Mood
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Digestion
  • Clear Skin

More information about Exogenous Ketones, here.

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