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Optimal Health Bundle

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Hi, it’s Matt Lovell here introducing a nice little product bundle to help you perform at your maximum. R5 Aminos are showing people sleep and recover better when they use them. I’ve working mums, athletes and shift workers using them to help stay resilient and balanced. In this bundle you’ll see the top grade Matcha green tea, way more effective for protecting cells and helping fat burning than standard green teas. Finally a little help with getting your vegetable intake up a greens product with organic ingredients, a simple blend of 4 key effective greens. I’ve kept it simple as I deal with a lot of clients with food intolerance’s most complicated greens products are a nightmare for these individuals”

This bundle has 1 x AminoMan AdaptoCat, which doesn’t show in the picture.

I’ve built in a nice discount for this bundle and don’t forget the golden ticket, on these runs you are pretty likely to win something.

Golden Ticket Prizes to be won:
Hapicoach Bodyfat Scales
1 Hour Skype Consultation
Sports Vitamin Pack

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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 35 x 25 x 16 cm


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