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Vitamin D3 & K2 blend

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Vitamin D is an essential nutrient derived primarily from sunshine. You need vitamin D for thousands of processes in the body to work well. It plays a role in immune function, inflammation, bone health, depression, seasonal affective disorder, exercise recovery, testosterone production, fertility and so on.

Vitamin K is a cofactor in vitamin D metabolism along with magnesium and other trace minerals required for optimal bone mineral density. This formula incorporates recommended amount of each of these cofactors for a more powerful synergistic effect.

It’s the only formula like it on the UK market for the price.

  • More than vitamin D
  • Essential cofactors, magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese, K2
  • Comprehensive blend
  • Optimal trace mineral and vitamin D complex

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Towards the end of September I normally test my own vitamin D levels and those of my clients and athletes. Then normally to maintain a good level of vitamin D we use monthly supplementation. In an ideal world I’d drip feed the vitamin D through in smaller daily amounts. So I decided to create a vitamin D complex formula which includes many of the cofactors necessary to allow the vitamin D to work properly in the body.

For example many people take vitamin D without vitamin K2 or even magnesium. Magnesium and K2 regulate where calcium gets into the tissues. We want that all going into bones and not calcifying in other tissues. Calcification of arteries for example is how heart disease progresses.

Our vitamin D contains a massive 2000ius of vitamin D per capsule, along with magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese and vitamin K2. We’d recommend you take 1 capsule per day if you don’t know your vitamin D levels and 2 per day if you’ve had these tested and they are low.

Each pot will last 4 months at 1 capsule per day and 2 months at 2 capsules per day. I normally cease vitamin D supplements in the summer stopping somewhere around March / April time.

Each capsule contains:

2000ius D cholecalciferol
K2 75mcg (M7) Natto
Zinc 5mg (picolinate)
Copper 0.5mg (bisglycinate)
Mg 55mg (citrate)
Mn 1mg (glycinate)
Boron 1mg (AAC)
Bioperine 2mg.

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