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In my eyes, how you look after your body goes a long way to defining who you are and what you are really about. It speaks volumes about how you see life and what sort of difference you feel you can make in it.

Matt Lovell helped me to look at life like this. I had tried to do the right thing up until meeting Matt 10 years ago, but I learned there was more.

Matt, through his professionalism, knowledge, his desire to research and ultimately through his friendship, helped me find another level in how I perform in all areas of life.

With inappropriate and often insufficient nutritional routines I used to waste so much hard work that I put into my training and preparation, now with his help my performance continues to be maximised.

Jonny Wilkinson Rugby World Cup Winner

euro-champs-pic-Ready To Seize The Day – Full Of Energy

I have been using Amino Man for a few weeks now and I soon felt the benefits.

After intense workouts it simply helped me to relax and recharge ahead of the following day. Recovery is everything to me and back-to-back track workouts can quickly leave you feeling depleted. After international races, I often get back to the competition hotel and struggle to sleep in an unusual bed and coupled with the fact that my mind is still buzzing does not help me.

Amino man helps me to relax after the intensity and excitement, I sleep solidly and have also noticed that when I wake up I feel ready to seize the day, full of energy. It gives my body the vitals it needs and it also tastes great too. I enjoy sipping it in the evenings with a cold glass of water and ice and find that unlike previous amino drinks I am not trying to ‘down it in one!

Every athlete wants to feel as though they have that edge and this added into my diet definitely makes me feel that way. Will Sharman British 110M hurdler

Vic-Wild-Medal-Ceremony-Winter-Olympics-Day-Vq_W8mxtqbklReady To Seize The Day – Full Of Energy

I worked with Matt at the beginning of the 2014 Olympic season.

He helped me with my nutrition and how I can use that for better sleep. Before we started working together I never ever slept more than 4-5 hours a night during the winter competition season. My performance was taking a hit and so was my mental state.

Not long after I started working with Matt I began getting more sleep and after 6 months I was sleeping a full 8 hours a night no matter what I had ahead of me the next day. He definitely got me on the right track.

Vic Wild – Olympic Gold Medalist

James Haskell – England Rugby International

I've known James for many years before he started his international career.

Next Level Nutrition And Supplementation

Top Nutrition is not only a valuable component of my training and performance, but it is also an essential part of my lifestyle.

The right foods and supplements allow me to fuel my body and help me recover, while keeping my mind, body and soul nourished. The amino man products have been an excellent addition to my diet, especially in helping aid my recovery from injury last year and building back to full fitness.

Never underestimate the role nutrition plays in keeping you healthy, happy, and on top of your game.

Matts knowledge and expertise has helped me take my nutrition to another level.

One of my favourite products is the R5 aminos, tastes delicious too!





Feeling Better In My Everyday Life, Improved Training, Better Skin

I have been closely working with Matt for a year now. He has streamlined my martial arts, resistance training, callisthenics, nutrition and supplements to create optimum performance and wellbeing.

His informative and personal style suits my needs and he has been able to tailor my training and nutritional plans, changing muscle mass and body fat specifically for the physical demands or aesthetic needs of each movie or roll I play.

Since doing my blood tests and adapting my diet I have felt better in my everyday life, my skin has improved and my training has benefitted significantly. It can be intimidating when browsing new supplements as it is difficult to know what one personally needs for their lifestyle and training, which is why having matts knowledge and amino man products have made life so much simpler and clearer.

I use the omega 1250 fish oils, r5 amino acids, adaptacat, organic matcha tea, amino powder, super greens, immune power and focus formula and it is so reassuring to know I have founds products that work so well for me.

Ed Skrein